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Today we feature five bonus tracks plus video from 1986.

In the news in 1986:

  • Space shuttle challenger explodes after launch at Cape Canaveral, Florida killing all seven aboard on January 28th
  • Major accident at Soviet Union’s Chernobyl Power Station alarms the world April 26th
  • Barry Diller, head of News Corp creates Fox, the fourth television network
  • Brooklyn Park-Fridley tornado strikes July 18th, damaged many homes and Springbrook Nature Center.  Tornado spends 16 minutes in the nature center, takes years to restore

In country music...

We were listening to top ten hits from John Conlee, Waylon Jennings, Forester Sisters, Randy Travis and Tanya Tucker.



John Conlee – “Got My Heart Set on You”



John Conlee did not immediately take up a musical career. Instead he became a licensed mortician and later a disc-jockey at radio station WLAC. “Got My Heart Set on You” was released in May 1986, his second single from the album Harmony.  It was Conlee’s seventh and final number one country hit.

Ever since the day I met you I feel like I’m walking on air.



Waylon Jennings – “Will The Wolf Survive”



“Will The Wolf Survive” is an album by Waylon Jennings, released in 1986.  The title track was originally performed by Los Lobos and it was written by Louis Perez and David Hidalgo.

Through the chill of winter running across a frozen lake.



Forester Sisters – “Mama’s Never Seen Those Eyes”



A song written by Terry Skinner and J.L. Wallace, "Mama's Never Seen Those Eyes" was released as the fourth single from the album The Forester Sisters.   The song became their third number one single on the country chart.  It all started for the Forester Sisters on Georgia’s Lookout Mountain with a performance by Kathy and June as a duo in church.  Then Kim and Christy joined and it became a  quartet.

Mama says I shouldn’t  be going with you, mama says she knows best you’ll take my heart and break it in two.



Randy Travis – “Diggin’ Up Bones”



"Diggin' Up Bones" was written by Paul Overstreet, Al Gore and Nat Stuckey. (Just to clarify the Al Gore we’re writing about is not the former vice president. Songwriter Al Gore passed away on April 17, 2004.)  “Diggin’ Up Bones” peaked at number one on the country singles from the Randy Travis album Storms of Life.

Last night I dug your picture out from our old dresser drawer I set it on the table and I talked to it till four. 



Tanya Tucker – “I’ll Come Back as Another Woman”



"I'll Come Back as Another Woman" was written by Kent Robbins and Richard E. Carpenter, from the former sister and brother pop duo "The Carpenters" from the 1970s.  “I’ll come Back as Another Woman” is the third single from the album Girls Like Me.  The song peaked at number two on the Billboard Country Singles Chart for Tanya Tucker.

You never gave me back the love I gave to you.