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Today we feature five bonus tracks plus video online from 1970.

In the news in 1970:

  • Kent State shooting May 4th, 1970 -- National Guardsman open fire on a group of students wounding many and four fatally;
  • The first Earth Day is celebrated on April 22nd, 1970;
  • The floppy disc is invented;
  • Kansas City Chiefs win the Super Bowl  over the Minnesota Vikings 23-7.

In country music, we were listening to top ten hits from Bobbie Gentry and Glen Campbell duet, Ray Price, Charley Pride, Jerry Reed and Loretta Lynn.



Bobbie Gentry & Glen Campbell - "All I Have to do is Dream"



"All I Have to do is Dream" is from the Glen Campbell album titled Bobbie Gentry & Glen Cambell.  The album released in 1968.  Campbell and Gentry earned a gold record and three hit singles including a cover of the Everly Brothers hit, "All I Have to do is Dream" hit number six on the country chart March of 1970.

Dream, dream dream,
when I want you in my arms,
when I want you and all your charms.



Ray Price - "For the Good Times"



"For the Good Times" was written by Kris Kristofferson that appeared on his debut album, Kristofferson.  He wrote the first verse and chorus in 1968, but he did not complete the tune until later and then released it in 1970.  In late 1970, Ray Price recorded the song which went to number one -- Price's fifth number one.  The song was awarded "Song of the Year" by the Academy of Country Music.



Charley Pride - "Is Anybody Goin to San Antone"



"Is Anybody Goin to San Antone," is a country song written by Glenn Martin and Dave Kirby.  It was released in February 1970 as the first single from the album, Charley Pride's 10th Album.  The song became Charley Pride's third number one hit song.  The single spent two weeks at number one.

Rain dripping off the brim of my hat.



Jerry Reed - "Amos Moses"



Jerry Reed wrote and recorded "Amos Moses."  The song tells the story of a one-armed Cajun alligator hunter named Amos Moses, son of Doc and Hanna Milsap.  The song reached number 16 on the country chart in November 1970.  "Amos Moses" was certified gold for sales of one million.

Now, Amos Moses was a Cajun,
he lived by himself in the swamp.



Loretta Lynn - "Coal Miner's Daughter"



"Coal Miner's Daughter" was written and performed by Loretta Lynn.  The song is an autobiographical country music song.  The song became Lynn's signature song and provided the basis for both her autobiography and a movie about her life.  Lynn re-recorded the song with vocals from Miranda Lambert and Sheryl Crow in 2010 for "Coal Miner's Daughter: A Tribute to Loretta Lynn."



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