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Today we’re offering you a bonus of the most requested songs from the radio show featuring The Highwaymen, Ed Bruce, Glen Campbell, Johnny Cash and Janie Fricke.



The Highwaymen – “Highwayman” -- 1985



Highwayman is a country quartet of country singers Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings and Kris Kristofferson.  Jimmy Webb wrote this song.

In the news in 1985:

  • Lou Holtz resigns as the coach of the Golden Gophers and goes to Notre Dame
  • Soviet Leader Cherenkov dies and is replaced by Mikhail Gorbachev on March 11th


I was a highwayman along the coach roads I did ride, with sword and pistol by my side.



Ed Bruce – “My First Taste of Texas” -- 1983



This song reached number six on the Billboard Hot Country Singles chart.  The song was written by Ed Bruce and Ronnie Rogers.

In the news in 1983:

  • Hurricane Alicia hit's Texas coast during August causing billions of dollars’ worth of damage to the region
  • The United States invades Grenada on October 12th, over 5,000 Marines were sent to the island


My first taste of Texas had blue eyes and golden hair, beneath that Tennessee silver moon.



Glen Campbell – “Sunflower” -- 1977



Neil Diamond wrote “Sunflower,” a pop-country hit that peaked at number four on the country chart.

In the news in 1977:

  • In Super Bowl IX, the Oakland Raiders defeated the Minnesota Vikings, 32-to-14scientists identify previously unknown bacterium as the cause of the mysterious legionnaire's Disease.
  • Scientists identify previously-unknown bacterium as the cause of the mysterious Legionnaire's Disease


Sunflower, good morning, you sure do make it like a sunny day.



Johnny Cash – “Ring of Fire” -- 1963



June Carter Cash and Merl Kilger wrote this song.  The song became the biggest hit of Johnny Cash’s career, staying at number one for seven weeks on the country chart.

In the news in 1963:

  • Pope John XXIII dies
  • St. Paul’s most notorious crime case, the murder of Carol Thompson, a botched murder-for-hire case, implicating her husband, T. Eugene Thompson


Love is a burning thing and it makes a fiery ring bound by wild desire.



Janie Fricke – “Let’s Stop Talkin’ About It” -- 1984



A number one hit for Janie Fricke written by Deborah Allen, Rafe Van Hoy and Michael Bourke.

In the news in 1984:

  • US and Vatican exchange diplomats after 116-year hiatus
  • Toxic gas leaks from Union Carbide Plant in Bhopal, India killing 2,000 and injuring 150,000


We’ve had a lot of conversations, we’ve analyzed our situation, there’s only so much that words can say. 




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