The Krazy Kids Inflatable Fun Run is almost here! If you have been on the fence about signing your kid up for the event, here are six reasons that  you SHOULD!

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1. Fresh Air: It's hard to beat the crisp smell of a Minnesota September morning! All that fresh air is great for the morale and sets the mood for the rest of the weekend!


2. Your Kids Deserve a Break: By the time September 17th rolls around your kids will be about two weeks into the school year. Still trying to transition out of summer mode into the learning zone. Its a rough transition to make.There is no better brain break than letting them jump around on giant inflatbales!


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3. Your Christmas cards will be the hit of the season!: Posing your kids in matching outfits and trying to get the dog to sit still on one of their laps is a nightmare. Someone spills juice on their shirt and the other refuses to smile no matter how much candy you bribe them with. Why try to force the smile when you can get candid photos of them having a blast at the Krazy Kids Inflatable Fun Run! They will be bouncing all around and having the time of their lives anyway, might as well take advantage of that for this years "seasons greetings"! Consider the caption "Merry Christmas and 'Hoppy' New Year!"


4. It will be the most unique birthday party idea all year!: If your kid has birthday sometime in September this would make for the best birthday party ever! Your kid will have an awesome, bouncy birthday and get to run the course with their friends! Plus the kids all get medals and t-shirts at the end. No need to bother with party favor bags!


5. You can skip the gym!: There is a parent viewing lane along the course of the fun run. You can run along side your kids and take pictures, which can be justified as a workout. No need to hit the gym later that day!

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6. They will sleep like rocks that night: Consider calling a babysitter and enjoying a date night with the spouse.


You can get all the information and get them registered here!