Dangit, Gary! YOU'RE why our beer isn't getting cold! (Getty Images)

Two nightmare scenarios this (or any) weekend:

1) You run out of beer

2) You didn't keep enough beer cold, and now you're stuck with warm beer


Things just got real (Getty Images)

So do you do as the Germans do and drink your beer warm? NO! This is AMERICA!

Give me ice cold or give me death!! (Getty Images)

Mythbusters confirmed this genius way of icing down your beer quick-like in 2005, and Popular Science just re-confirmed it.

Salt water!

Here comes the ice cold refreshenator! (Getty Images)

Get your beer ice cold in 5 minutes instead of 15+ by doing this:

1) Fill an insulated container with lots of water, lots of ice, and lots-er of salt. Lots. Of. Salt. All of the salt. Well, save some for the food...

Get plenty of water in the container, because water will cover more surface area than ice. Science!

2) Get that beer underwater! Get them as under (or into...whatever) the salty water as you can. But don't pack them in too snug; you need that salty water to smother them cans in colding-off greatness!

Also: close the lid, doofus!

3) Chill while your beer is chilling. Should be drinkable in 5 minutes!

4) Drank it!

Find out the science-y nerdiness behind the technique at Popular Science's website!

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