When it comes to Mother’s Day, your mom falls into one of two categories: Easy To Buy For or Impossible To Buy For. Obviously, you can pretend to make the fishing opener a ‘Mom Event’, but she knows how you operate, she’s just not saying anything. Maybe you’ve planned to surprise her with a box of store-bought chocolates just after that restaurant brunch. Go ahead, because you know ‘she’ll remember that‘. So, If you’re still stumped, or as in my case, super-lazy (gee, thanks mom) I’ve dug up 5 places you can bring mom that are within driving distance of Central Minnesota.

Now, you may have to grin and bear it on a couple, but all are guaranteed to bring a smile to just about any mom’s face. Best of all, a couple actually happen on Saturday or on multiple days over this coming weekend, so you can do more than one if you really want to hang around mom beyond the required.

So forget the silly restaurant brunch and the grocery store chocolates, because these little day trips are ready for you with a minimum of planning and a maximum of motherly fun.

Sat May 12th

This one’s a trick, because you can drop Mom off and high-tail it over to the lake and do some quick fishing. Lake Waconia is a darn nice lake, big for boating and even bigger for fishing. That might explain why it’s been picked for this year’s Governor’s Fishing Opener event. But those gals in Waconia know how to make the most out of all the smelly beer-swilling fishermen. They’ve invented Sister Saturday; There’s a fashion show and all-day-long shopping and dining deals. A free Swag Bag will be given away to the first 100 shoppers! Be sure to stop by At The Farm & The Antiques Loft for local art, live music, the ‘junk’ market and MN Landscape Arboretum demos. To find out more about Sister Saturday call 952/442-5812

Sat & Sun May 12 -13

Not only does this cover the ‘flowers’ thing you were thinking of, but it covers the food angle as well. On both days over the weekend, there’s a brunch and a massive plant sale. On Saturday at the Sunflower Smash Program in the Marion Andrus Learning Center, you’ll make a delicious sunbutter treat, select some seeds to plant and find out how to grow ‘em big. There are also two classes: Writing in the Garden, and Japanese Garden Design.

Sat & Sun May 12-13

Mom’s love animals… and they love animal moms even more! This one is a major win-win. Bring your mom to the Minnesota Zoo either Saturday or Sunday and they get in free. There are also a couple of special events surrounding the new mothers at the zoo.

Saturday May 12th

Saint John’s Arboretum and the surrounding Avon Hills area have been designated an “Important Birding Area” by the Audubon Society and you can join their staff for a day of birding during peak migration. Small groups will be led by experienced birders, exploring different habitats by short walks and longer hikes. Mom will also love it when you buy her something from the Plant & Tool Sale. 320/363-3163

Friday – Sunday May 11-13

Mom loves the live theatre, she loves musicals and she loves a good love story, and there’s no better love story than Romeo and Juliet, set to the awesome music of legendary collaborators Berstein and Sondhiem. GREAT Theatre’s production of West Side Story is sure to make mom swoon, tear up and beg for a hug at the end. Bring her and a couple of friends (or better yet, buy her four tickets and let her pick who she brings) to one of the several shows over the weekend. The shows are only $22. That’s a steal when it comes to Mother’s Day Presents.