By the time this baby rolls off the assembly line, you probably won't care what the gas prices are.

Honestly I think we all tired of having clean out our pocket books/wallets just to fill up our vehicles. The price alone of gas drives me crazy, up and, up and down. personally I don't think we should be paying over a buck fifty myself.

The air is filled with excitement over the gas-electric hybrid because it pounding out more than 50 miles per gallon which isn't small change but how about 117 miles?

An article in ABC News mentions a French automaker named Peugeot Citroen that has been showing off a car getting unheard of mileage and the secret to this madness is not through gas it's through air.

It caries a tank of compressed air either in the trunk or floor and is recharged by the brakes or engine.  When driving on the city streets apparently the engine cuts off and air will push it's way through the pistons.

Look to see these new innovations of air-hybrid vehicles in Europe around the year 2016.

Enjoy the attached video with more on the air-hybrid, it's totally something i would consider as my vehicle of choice.