Fall was a magical time as a child in Minnesota. The leaves changed colors, a night of trick-or treating was always dancing around in my head, and of course it meant that soon enough winter would be here. But all of that brought it's own set of minor problems. Here are 10 struggles every Central Minnesota kid experiences in the fall.

Wearing a snowsuit under your Halloween costume
I made sure my mom took our picture before we bundled up to go trick-or-treating
  • Living out of town and having to be drove around to trick-or-treat - A pain for the parents, and annoying for the kids because they only get to go where the parents want them to.
  • Making a risky jump into a pile of leaves - Random animal poo. 'Nuf said.
  • Carving a pumpkin and one day, and the next it looks awful
  • Wearing a jacket to school and then forgetting it there - The temp climbed 20 degrees during the school day, you didn't need the coat on the way home, but then you end up shivering at the bus stop the next morning.
  • Searching for mittens and a hat - Because its cold in the morning!
  • Finally finding mittens but they don't match - One solid green one and one pink polka-dot. Close enough.
  • Having to take a picture by the "pretty tree in the yard"
    RIP my 5-year-old bowl cut.
  • Cutting firewood every Saturday morning - Winter is coming. And if your house had a wood burning stove or fireplace, Saturday's were spent in the woods hauling around firewood.
  • Being told to wear a warmer jacket by your mom, not listening, and regretting it - You can't show off your super cool outfit at the Friday night football game if it is covered by a jacket! The third quarter always rolled around and I would wish I had listened to my mom.
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